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How do tiny temporary tattoos work?

The 100% vegan ink stains the top layer of skin
by exposure to oxygen in the air and by reacting
with ingredients present in the skin such as
proteins & amino acids; consequently, your tattoo
will fade as your skin naturally renews itself.

How long does it take for my temporary tattoo to show?

It takes 8hrs to develop & 24hrs to look like a real tattoo

How long will my tattoo last? How long do temporary tattoos last?

It depends where you place your temporary tattoo, your unique skin chemistry, and how much you exfoliate. Tattoos on areas where there is a lot of friction may fade more quickly.
Avoid areas of the body where there is a lot of friction, such as between
fingers. On average the tattoo can last up to 2 weeks, however if you take really good care of it – you can stretch it to 3 weeks!

Is my temporary tattoo waterproof

Yes, our temporary tattoos are waterproof after the first 8 hours.

Where can I buy natural temporary tattoos?

My Tiny Tattoos

Do temporary tattoos cause pain during application or removal?

No pain, no regrets, just style for everyone! Temporary tattoos do NOT cause any pain, neither during application nor when they fade.

How do I apply my temporary tattoo? How are temporary 2 week tattoos applied?

All our tattoos come with a QR code with detailed information on the application which takes less than 5 minutes.

No water, sweating or touching of the tattoo for 8hrs after application is key!

Where friction with other skin areas can’t be avoided & in the 1st night,
cover tattoo with a loose breathable plaster or loose clothes.

Can temporary tattoos be customized or personalized? and do temporary tattoos come in different sizes and designs?

Yes, temporary tattoos can be customized or personalized in different sizes and designs. Please send us an email or reach out via instagram @mytinytatttoos_london

Do temporary tattoos look realistic?

Yes, temporary tattoos look realistic.

How can temporary tattoos be removed?

Temporary tattoos naturally fade after some days or weeks; baby oil is one of several oil-based temporary tattoo removal techniques you may want to try.

Any tips on how to make my temporary tattoo last longer? Are there any tips for extending the life of a temporary tattoo?

After 24 hours, we recommend regularly treating the tattoo with natural
oils such as argan or coconut oil to help prolong the tattoo.

How long does it take to apply my temporary tattoo?

Anyone can apply our tiny tattoos in 3 simple steps in less than 5 minutes

Can you apply temporary tattoos to any part of the body? Can I apply temporary tattoos on my face?

We do not recommend applying temporary tattoos to the face and or other sensitive skin areas.

Can you shower or swim with temporary tattoos?

Yes, 8 hours after application you can shower and/or swim with your temporary tattoo.

Are tiny tattoos kosher or halal and do they work for all skin tones?

Tint Tattoos are 100% vegan, plant based and do not contain any animal products.

Our tattoos are waterproof.

Are temporary tattoos safe for breastfeeding or pregnant women?

The plant based ink doesn’t enter the bloodstream.

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However, if you have any concerns, we always recommend consulting your doctor.

Are temporary tattoos suitable for special occasions like parties or events?

Yes, they are a great surprise in any goodie bag or for hendos, bachelorette party or wedding parties. You may want to consider using temporary tattoos for celebrations or gatherings.

Is this a Henna Tattoo?

No, our semi-permanent tattoos are 100% vegan and are plant based and produce a black shade whereas henna is more of a red/brown. We are not ‘black henna’ either – which can contain harmful chemicals.

Are our temporary tattoos safe for the skin and non-toxic?

Yes. Our tattoos are safe and non-toxic. They comply with the EU cosmetic certificate and are 100% vegan.

Do temporary tattoos have any age restrictions? Are temporary tattoos suitable for children?

Temporary tattoos are not sticker tattoos; they are semi permanent tattoos that cannot be removed instantly and once applied may last up to 14 days or longer and are suitable for adults only.

Can I order a customised tattoo or draw up a totally new design?

Definitely! Just send us a message via Instagram.

What are temporary tattoos made of?

Most temporary tattoos are plant based and are made of a fruit extract.

Can I apply suncream on my temporary 2 week tattoo?

Yes, after 24hrs you can use suncream, oils and lotions.